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Psychonauts 2: All Queepie Location In The Questionable Area

Queepie is Raz’s little brother who is part of an optional mission in The Questionable Here. Here are all six Queepie Locations in Psychonauts 2.

To trigger this quest, head to The Questionable Area once you met your family. Go to Campgrounds and talk to Raz’s mother Donatella. She will ask Raz to help her locate Queepie who appears to have run away with a radio. This starts the optional mission: Search for Queepie. You will need to find Queepie at various locations and unless you explore the whole map, you won’t find him easily.

How To Find Queepie In Psychonauts 2

We have made a video that goes through all of the six locations so have a look at it.

Queepie Location#1

The first location for Queepie is right outside the campgrounds. You will locate him next to the house with the water wheel. Just talk to him to make him run off to the next point.

Queepie Location#2

The second location that Queepie picks in Psychonauts 2 to listen to his music is in the Yeti cave. You can find this cave right next to the campgrounds as you cross the water stream. It will lead to an area with some collectibles while Queepie can be seen hanging just outside the cave entrance at the top of the rock.

Queepie Location#3

The next location that Queepie picks for himself can be located by heading to the tunnel shortcut near the entrance of the forest. You will find a climbable vine. Follow this path to the end to reach a pathway on a tree where you can locate Queepie.

Queepie Location#4

In the forest near the waterfall, you can locate a bathroom. Jump on the walls and then onto the roof of the bathroom to find stairs going up towards a tree. Follow this path to the end and use the leaf to blast yourself to a new location where Queepie is hanging out next to a nest with eggs.

Queepie Location#5

You can locate him at the entrance of the Questionable Area. There is a diner with one of the interns and a broken car outside. Jump on the hood of the car to boost yourself on the roof of the diner and find Queepie there.

Queepie Location#6

This is the trickiest Queepie location in Psychonauts 2 because you won’t have any idea what to do here. In the campgrounds where Raz’s family is staying, you can find a bonfire. Light it with your Pyrokinesis and use the leviathan ball to float to the top. You will be able to spot a path on trees along with some collectibles. Go on the path and reach the end to find Queepie.

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