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Psychonauts 2: Hollis’ Mind Mental Connection Puzzle Solution

In Psychonauts 2, the second mind that Raz will venture into belongs to his instructor, Hollis Forsythe. Here is the solution to its mental connection puzzles.

Hollis’ Mind will manifest in the form of a hospital with a morgue and other locations. Hollis was a doctor in the past so Raz can manipulate her mind to discover her darker secrets using the Mental Connection that he is taught by Hollis in the first class as an intern.

Mental Connection is a psychic ability that allows Raz to connect to two different thoughts together thus manipulating the person into making a specific decision. Raz uses this ability on Hollis to convince her to take them to the Lady Luctopus Casino.

Psychonauts 2 Mental Connection Puzzle Solution

Hollis’ Mind First Mental Connection Puzzle

This is the first puzzle that you will encounter in Hollis’ Mind. It is not that hard but since you haven’t used Mental Connection by now, you could take a while to grasp it. The solution is simple as seen in the video above. Simply connect Risk with Money by following the path of connections.

Hollis’ Mind Second Mental Connection Puzzle

This one is a little more difficult. The second Mental Connection puzzle will occur when you are attempting to give the patient the pill. You have to restore the patient’s heart to the correct place and this requires solving this puzzle.

First, go and talk to everyone who has a thought cloud on their head in order to free these thoughts. There will be a total of six of them. Next, combine Decisions with Wisdom using your Mental Connection ability. This will unlock the Judgment thought cloud. You have to combine Judgment with Quitting in the second phase. This will open the Moderation thought cloud.

Simply go from Victory to Moderation using your Mental Connection ability and solve the stage to put the heart of the patient in the right place. Watch the video to see how you can take the pill to the stomach, but do know that it also relies on a mixture of luck and skills.

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