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Bandai Namco Hints At More Tales Series Remasters For Older Games

Bandai Namco has hinted at bringing more remasters for older games in its popular Tales role-playing game series.

In an official Q&A shared on the Japanese website for Tales of Symphonia, Bandai Namco expressed interesting in doing more remasters for earlier entries in its Tales of JRPG series. The publisher stated that the development team behind the Tales series is grateful to all the series fans around the world for their passionate requests to play the earlier entries in the series on the latest platforms.

Bandai namco tales remasters

Bandai Namco mentioned that it is currently focused on the release of Tales of Symphonia Remastered, though it looks forward to hearing the opinions of fan as well as their requests for future remasters.

The publisher also took the opportunity to explain the improvements made to Tales of Symphonia Remastered. It stated that it has improved the graphical quality, including improvements the character model of the main character as well as environmental detail in the city/field.

In terms of performance, the frame rate now remains stable when when using certain artes. Additionally, the usability of the “Elecar” that moves over the sea has been improved, a skip function has been added for certain events and cutscenes, and the save data management screen has been redesigned. According to the publisher, the game is now more accessible than before.

In terms of content, the publisher clarified that there is no additional content added to the remaster, including DLC. That said, no content featured in the original release has been cut. The Costume Title content that allows players to wear series character costumes was originally added in the PS3 port of the original. A Unisonant Pack featuring the same content is also included in the remaster. In addition, both “Starry Heavens ver.2013” and “And I can do it ver.2013” are included as OP theme songs in the remaster.

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