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Bioshock 4 Is Aiming To Be Incredibly Ambitious Offering Sandbox World and State of the Art AI

Bioshock 4 is currently in development at Cloud Chamber, which is comprised of a lot of the series veterans that are working on this new game.

Cloud Chamber is a brand new studio that has been created to work on the new Bioshock. Ken Levine, the series creator, is also working on this new Bioshock along with other series veterans. Update: We were mistaken about Ken Levine so we have removed this part. The game is still being developed by series veterans as per the official website but Ken Levine has formed his own studio, Ghost Story Games, and is likely not involved with this project.

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The developers have posted a set of new job openings on their website offering their fans a glimpse at their ambitious plans for the new Bioshock, which appears to be quite early in development, even at this stage. This is obvious if we take a look at their job openings which list the Lead positions for several key game developer roles including Art and Game Design.

Their job openings also offer a glimpse of their pitch for the next Bioshock, and honestly, it sounds as ambitious as BioShock Infinite even if the actual game didn’t manage to reach the level of quality that was shown in the original reveal for Infinite.

Here is a glimpse at some of the key points that they have listed in their job openings including for AI, Game Design, Cinematic, and Rendering.

  • Development of an “AI Systems in a strong narrative and systemic game”
  • High ambitions for tying AI and storytelling together with “several AI systems”
  • Implementations for an urban crowd system and the systemic tribal ecology of a sometimes hostile AI
  • Pushing the “state of the art” in AI and experimenting with unproven ideas
  • Amazing game mechanics and systems, with standard-setting player feel and responsiveness with AAA presentation
  • An “emergent sandbox world”
  • Interactive world systems and non-AI systemic ecology
  • Player growth systems and progression
  • Game balance and economy
  • Masterfully create the narrative first-person moments that exist along a continuum of “fully interactive set-pieces”
  • Experience timing triggering events, and interactive branching cinematic sequences

Bioshock is known for its first-person combat and incredible set-pieces in addition to an engaging story and characters. Judging from the job listings for the new Bioshock, the developers are definitely not short on ambition but will they be able to deliver it? We have to wait and see to find out.

Cloud Chamber is seeking new developers who want to take part in the creation of the new Bioshock while being a fan of the old ones, but it looks like there is still plenty of time left in the development and release of the game so we are going to have to wait for a while for it.

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