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Dirt 5 Visual Comparison Between PS5 and Xbox Series After Update 2.00

Dirt 5 has been updated for the Xbox Series to fix the issue with lower-quality models in 120 FPS mode. Here’s a comparison between the next-gen consoles.

Codemasters released the new Dirt 5 update last week that has resolved the issues with the lower-quality of visuals on Xbox Series consoles when running the game in 120 FPS mode. It led to the PS5 offering a clear advantage when running in the 120 FPS mode.

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The new update has resolved this problem as seen in comparison for Dirt 5 after update 2.00.

Dirt 5 offers two different modes on Xbox Series and PS5. The first is a resolution mode that runs at locked 4K on PS5 and Xbox Series at 60 FPS. It offers visual enhancements on the consoles while targeting 60 FPS. It can drop the frame rate to keep the visual quality intact. This runs at 1440p on the Xbox Series S.

The second is a performance mode that closely sticks to 60 FPS on all consoles but switches to a dynamic resolution setup that can drop it when the render is stressed. Lastly, the 120 FPS mode drops the resolution to dynamic 1080p on Xbox Series S and dynamic 1440p on Xbox Series X and PS5. This mode originally had issues with level-of-detail appearing as lower quality on Xbox Series consoles, but it has been patched with update 2.00.

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