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Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s New Update Names and Shames Everyone Without A Season Pass

What’s worse than not being able to play the exclusive maps of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season pass? Getting called out for not having it in the first place.

That’s what Activision and Treyarch Studios has decided to implement with the new update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. They have added a new system in place that basically outlines all the users who don’t have a season pass with a giant yellow warning sign next to their name.

It is such a ridiculous way to show that the user has no season pass, even if it makes sense to do it since players can only find matches in a season pass exclusive map if they own it in the first place. But the way they have implemented it here is certainly not ideal.


While this can be slightly humiliating for those who don’t season pass, it has also led to a shocking discovery where more people have the yellow sign than ones without it. What it tells us about the situation is that the season pass of Black Ops 4 hasn’t done that well and seems to have a rather small user base. Of course, this might be different depending on the lobby, but so far, most of the instances that I have seen seem to show more players with yellow signs than without it.

Source (Reddit via resetERA)


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  1. Nope January 17, 2019

    Season passes are cancer. They divide players and make a game die faster than it needs to, all in the name of greed.

  2. Germ_the_Nobody January 17, 2019

    That’s insane. Good to see so many players didn’t purchase the season pass though.

    1. L 7 CHAPEL January 17, 2019

      Yeah just like they try to Portray the removal of campaign, and the inclusion of Battle Royale mode as them keeping with what they do best, and for those that really play Call of Duty just for the multiplayer…
      and it’s doing horribly, and is absolutely contradicting everything they’ve said.
      they did it because they’re devoid of ideas.
      and their last few story/campaigns were absolutely terrible, all of them…
      Now that they’ve done Battle Royal as an “also,” watch absolutely nothing change about multiplayer going forward.
      They’ve done the exact same thing for too many years in a row.
      Zombies/ multiplayer/ and story campaign, and they’ve been doing the same thing for over 10 years( I think it’s 12+ years now, and it’s such a burnout it’s not even funny…

      1. Germ_the_Nobody January 17, 2019

        Well it does seem to be true that most players that play CoD never go near the campaign.

        I really liked Infinite Warfare’s campaign.

        1. L 7 CHAPEL January 18, 2019

          I think the key takeaway is: “of the people polled”
          even the closest exacting polls are way off as far as truth and critical numbers.
          there are a lot of people that would play the campaign, and not really go near the multiplayer (with any treyarch game for example, campaign and zombies) because they like Co-op yet don’t care for the multiplayer at all,.
          I think the true more accurate metric is what’s going on now. which is sales aren’t anywhere near what they expected them to be.
          the season pass is $50 and nobody’s picking it up, and, they’re giving people a week-long free beta-like session to play blackout, so that they can get people interested in their game. these are classically,
          things Call of Duty has not done before, that are indicative of low sales…
          Just like the “pointing out” little icons as to who has the DLC/ season pass and who doesn’t… what is the real reasoning behind that?
          to make it more convenient for players to identify who doesn’t have it, to what end?
          those players wouldn’t be able to play the DLC to begin with.
          it’s so they can arbitrarily kick them out of lobbies and sessions beforehand, and that is trying to forcefully manipulate people to buy content and things they don’t want.
          and sorry I have to disagree on infinite Warfare, to each their own.
          the fact that the first modern warfare (remastered) was packed in with it, and I played IW campaign and then went back and played the first campaign for Modern Warfare, goes to show for me, exactly how far the series has fallen…

  3. L 7 CHAPEL January 17, 2019

    Not surprised at all,
    considering that they look at their player base and their clientele as a revenue stream and nothing more.
    I think this really sends it home, and makes it obvious, because it doesn’t serve much of a purpose, other than to try and shame people that don’t have their online pass, and for $50 bucks and no guarantee (or even outline) what the content for it should, be they’re not going to sell much of it either.
    I’m just hoping they keep committing more and more brilliant moves like this, because their own sickening greed will eventually be their downfall, along with their lack of creativity and passion…

  4. mikefichera January 17, 2019

    the pass is too expensive for what you get.


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