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Capcom Will Reportedly Announce A Major Title By End Of 2023, Resident Evil 9 To Release In 2025

Capcom is reportedly looking to announce a major new title by the end of the year 2023, and it plans to release Resident Evil 9 sometime in the year 2025.

Dusk Golem (aka AestheticGamer), who is known for his sources within the game industry, took to Discord to reveal that Capcom is set to announce a major title at the end of this year that will hit store shelves in Fall 2024, and that the publisher also plans to release Resident Evil 9 sometime during the year 2025.

Resident evil 9 release

Golem mentioned that he received updates on the development of several projects that fans would be interested in hearing about. He mentioned that he was given permission to tease some of the information. Without getting into specific, he mentioned that he knew about a few unannounced horror games that he’s pretty excited about. He said that he now knew about pretty much every major Resident Evil game releasing over the next several years. He also claimed to know about some other Capcom projects, as well as some of Square Enix and Sega’s titles that are in development.

According to Golem, some of these games are set for release sometime soon, while others are far off from launch. He mentioned that his information comes from some of his own unique sources that, as per him, are “100% trustworthy”.

In response to a question regarding the release of Resident Evil 9 next year, Golem stated that the game is likely to be announced next year in 2024, and arrive in store shelves sometime in 2025. He refrained from answering any further questions regarding the Resident Evil franchise. Lastly, according to him, there is a major Capcom title set to be announced at the end of this year that will launch in Fall 2024.

In related news, it was previously revealed that Resident Evil 4 Remake had received new achievements on Steam, hinting at the possibility of the Separate Ways DLC arriving soon.

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