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Captain Marvel’s Second Trailer Is Way Better Than The First

Captain Marvel second trailer has dropped ahead of Avengers 4 later this week. Here’s how it shapes up against the first teaser trailer.

In the first Captain Marvel teaser trailer, we get to see the origins of this new Marvel superhero. The second trailer ditches the origins aspect and instead focuses more on showing the world and its characters. You can see plenty of great looking shots that give a glimpse of some of the action that can be expected in the movie.

Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson as the titular superhero who gains cosmic powers. This is the first origin movie after Black Panther that is part of the last phase of Marvel before they reboot everything with Avengers 4.

Speaking of which, this trailer does spoil some story scenes so if you want to avoid getting spoiled, it is best to wait until the film launches instead of watching this trailer right now.

The story in Captain Marvel not only explains the origins of Carol Danvers but it is also set in the past so the story acts more of a prequel to the later Marvel films. The focus of the plot is on the way between two different Alien races in which Captain Marvel has to play a key role in bringing peace. Samuel L. Jackson also makes his return as a young Nick Fury.

Captain Marvel will be out on March 9th, 2019 in Cinemas.

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