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Control: How To Get All Trophies and Achievements Guide

Control is an upcoming third-person shooter from Remedy Entertainment. Here’s how you can get all the trophies and achievements in Control.

Remedy Entertainment confirmed recently that Control is now Gold in term of its development status, which means the game is now expected to hit its release date. This also means that trophies and achievements from the game have made its way online.

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Control will offer 46 trophies and achievements. Some of them have story spoiler so make sure to avoid them. These are the secret achievements or trophies in Control that are awarded for completing various story missions and objectives.

How To Get All Trophies and Achievements In Control

  1. Astral ConstructionConstruct a Weapon Form or Mod
  2. Non-Standard IssueUpgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3
  3. Career DevelopmentUnlock all 3 Personal Mod slots
  4. The Importance of SynergyComplete 5 Side Missions
  5. Inter-Departmental CooperationComplete 10 Side Missions
  6. FBC Crisis Solution Task ForceComplete 15 Side Missions
  7. Paranatural CollectionCollect more than 100,000 Source
  8. Interdimensional DefenderKilled 1000 Hiss
  9. ParautilitarianUnlock 1 Ability Upgrade
  10. Expert ParautilitarianUnlock 50% of the Ability Upgrades
  11. Master ParautilitarianUnlock 100% of the Ability Upgrades
  12. Choose to be ChosenObtain the Service Weapon
  13. Paranatural PowerhouseObtain the Launch Ability
  14. Insular TelekinesisObtain the Shield Ability
  15. Shifting PositionsObtain the Evade Ability
  16. Psychic OccupationObtain the Seize Ability
  17. Rising ThoughtObtain the Levitate Ability
  18. Ritualistic ThinkingCleanse 5 Control Points
  19. Ritual IntuitionCleanse 10 Control Points
  20. Discerning the PatternCleanse 25 Control Points
  21. Strange CollectionCollect 40 Collectibles
  22. Record KeeperCollect 80 Collectibles
  23. Bureau ArchivistCollect 120 Collectibles
  24. Cognitive IntruderCompel 10 enemies with the Seize Ability
  25. Unstable Matter – Kill 50 enemies with the Launch Ability
  26. Volatile DebrisKill 10 enemies with the Shield Burst Ability
  27. War GamesComplete 5 Board Countermeasures
  28. Astral TacticianComplete 25 Board Countermeasures
  29. First On the SceneComplete 1 Bureau Alert
  30. Crisis ManagementComplete 5 Bureau Alerts
  31. Altered Manifestations May OccurDefeat esseJ
  32. Aggressive GrowthDefeat Mold-1
  33. Head of CommunicationsDefeat Mr. Tomassi
  34. Living ArchetypesDefeat the Anchor
  35. Astral PhenomenaDefeat Former
  36. Welcome to the Oldest HouseComplete Mission 1
  37. Unknown CallerComplete Mission 2
  38. Directorial OverrideComplete Mission 3
  39. Old Boys’ ClubComplete Mission 4
  40. ThresholdComplete Mission 5
  41. My Brother’s KeeperComplete Mission 6
  42. The Face of the EnemyComplete Mission 7
  43. Finnish TangoComplete Mission 8
  44. PolarisComplete Mission 9
  45. Take ControlComplete Mission 10
  46. Proper Handling ProceduresUse Launch to throw a grenade or rocket

Control will be available to play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC from August 27, 2019.

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