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Crash Team Racing Gasmoxia Grand Prix Challenges and Rewards

Crash Team Racing Gasmoxia Grand Prix is available today with update 1.19 that launched on all platforms. Here are all the Gasmoxia Grand Prix challenges.

Gasmoxia Grand Prix is the final challenge for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It expands on the ending of the game and adds new story content. The location of this Grand Prix is the home planet of Nitro Oxide, Gasmoxia. This Grand Prix features a new track, character, Karts, skins and a new set of Time Trials. Players have to beat the newly added Emperor Velo as part of the time trials.

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Crash Team Racing update 1.19 has started this new Grand Prix event in the game. You need to download the latest update in order to start the Grand Prix.

Crash Team Racing Gasmoxia Grand Prix Challenges

Quick Challenges

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
Coming in FirstWin a race in any mode.200
Dr. N. Tropy’s ApprenticeComplete a Time Trial.200
Fashion ShowCustomize a kart, then drive it.200
Online RacerComplete a race in Online Matchmaking.200
Window ShoppingVisit the Pit Stop to discover the daily offers.200

Daily Challenges

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
A Wumpa a Day…Catch a Golden Wumpa.75
Crystal PoacherCollect a total of 5 crystals in Crystal Grab with either Liz, Megumi or Isabella.100
Expert StuntmanPerform 10 trick jumps with Liz.75
Fresh JuiceComplete a race while being Juiced Up.75
Multi HitsHit an Opponent with a Power-Up in an Online Matchmaking race.75
Multiple DirectionsWin 2 races in Mirror Mode today.100
On to the Next OneComplete Space Cup.150
Passive RiderComplete a track in Online Matchmaking without using any Power-Ups.100
Power Slide MasterPower Slide for 3 seconds consecutively.100
See You LaterUse a shortcut in Drive-thru Danger.75

Weekly Challenges

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
Juice AddictComplete 15 races while Juiced Up.250
Juiced Up!Use Juiced Up Power-Ups 10 times.250
Life is a Bowl of WumpasCatch 10 Golden Wumpas.250
N. Sane Hat TrickWin a game in 3 different Battle Modes in Frozen Frenzy.250
Online Relay Race – Part 1Complete 6 Online Matchmaking laps with Spyro.150
Online Relay Race – Part 2Complete 6 Online Matchmaking laps with King Chicken.150
Online Relay Race – Part 3Complete 6 Online Matchmaking laps with Dr. N. Brio.150
Passing Through the RingsComplete 10 Ring Rallies.250
The Cup is MirrorComplete any Cup in Mirror Mode.175
This is MY RideComplete 8 Online Matchmaking races with the Galactic Cruiser kart body.250
Triple ThreatPlay 3 games of Last Kart Driving in Frozen Frenzy.250
You Can’t Compete with MeAccumulate a total of 200 seconds of Air Time with Emperor Velo XXVII.250

Themed Challenges

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
Better than YourselfEstablish a best time in Time Trial in Drive-thru Danger and then best it.500
Fun with LettersComplete the CTR Challenge in Drive-thru Danger.500
Grand Prix DominatorFinish 1st in an Online Matchmaking race with Emperor Velo XXVII.600
No Power-Ups for MeComplete an Online Matchmaking race in Drive-thru Danger without using any Power-Ups.400
One More RallyComplete 5 Ring Rallies.400
Power Sliding to the LimitPower Slide for a total of 180 seconds with Emperor Velo XXVII.400
Relic CollectorSuccessfully complete a Relic Race in Drive-thru Danger.500
Shiny New ToysFully customize then race with one of the following karts: Void Manta, Galactic Cruiser or Velo Chopper.400
That Shortcut is Mine!Use a shortcut in Drive-thru Danger.300
Zero to FirstFinish 1st in Drive-thru Danger while starting the last lap in last place.750

Pro Challenges

ChallengeTaskNitro Points
All those Shortcuts!Use all shortcuts in Out Of Time.350
Beat the ClockWin an Online Matchmaking race against another player using Dr. N. Tropy.600
Blue Fire All the Way!Complete 4 consecutive laps with Blue Fire coming out of the exhaust pipes.750
Crate ShattererBreak all Time Crates in Papu’s Pyramid Relic Race.500
Got my StarBeat a Dr. N. Tropy’s Time Trial Ghost.450
Keep NaggingHit every opponent with a Power-Up while racing in Online Matchmaking.500
On My Own GroundBeat Velo’s Time Trial Ghost in any track.750
RingmasterCollect a total of 5000 Rings.500
Show TimeWin 5 Online Matchmaking races using King Chicken.750
That was FastDo a Lap under 0:36:00 in Turbo Track.400

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Completing most of these challenges will reward the players with Nitro Points. These can be used to unlock the rewards as shown in the image below.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is available for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Gasmoxia Grand Prix is available to play in the game beginning with February 20.

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