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Street Fighter 5 Update 3.02 Is Out, Get The Details Here

Capcom has released Street Fighter 5 update 3.02 today bringing the much-requested netcode fix for the game. Here’s what you need to know about this update.

Street Fighter 5 fans have complained about the game offering a terrible netcode since it launched back in February 2016. The netcode wasn’t fixed despite the numerous updates and multiple seasons the game has received so far. It wasn’t until a modder on PC released a fix that fans started to notice how simple it was to solve this issue.

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After the PC mod that improved netcode was released for Street Fighter 5, the series producer, Yoshinori Ono, talked about releasing an update that would address the netcode issue.

“Thank you for the positive responses on our netcode announcement! Many players are asking about the timing for this, so I can share that the netcode update will happen next week after the server maintenance, ” said Ono in a tweet on February 13.

Today, it was announced that short server maintenance will be performed from PST 4:30 pm to 8 pm on February 18 (2/19 0:30 to 2/19 4:00 UTC). After this maintenance was concluded, a very small update was released for both PC and PS4.

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According to the early reports, this is the netcode fix that was promised by Yoshinori Ono last week. This update side is around 40 MB on PC and 160 MB on PS4. It also seems to clash with any installed mods on PC. There are no Street Fighter 5 update 3.02 patch notes available as of yet but regardless, going by Ono’s tweet last week, this might be for the netcode fix.

If you are experiencing crashes for the PC version of the game after installing Street Fighter 5 update 3.02 then you will need to validate the game files again on Steam and remove any mods that you have installed for it.

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