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Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Another 15 GB Update On XSX, CDPR Says Most Bugs Are Fixed In Day 1 Patch

Cyberpunk 2077 has received another update version on Xbox Series X. One of the developers has said that most of the bugs are fixed in the day 1 patch.

As we have reported earlier, Cyberpunk 2077 had a pre-launch update on the PS4 and Xbox One. One of the developers at CD Projekt Red, Fabian Mario Döhla had hinted that this is not the day 1 patch, but another update will be released closer to launch.

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We can now confirm today that Xbox Series X has received a patch today that updates the game from version to version We are unable to see a similar update on the PS4 or PS5 for that matter, but it is possible that these consoles will also get Cyberpunk 2077 update version 1.02 later today. We are not sure if this is indeed the day one update or another patch will be released later, but the pre-load of the game is now up on PC and PS4 in addition to the Xbox One.

cyberpunk 2077 update

We are not sure of the extent of the bug fixes since there are no patch notes available for this new update for Cyberpunk 2077, but according to the tweets made by Fabian Mario Döhla, most of the bugs that reviewers have faced when playing the game have been fixed by CD Projekt Red in their day one update. That is a bold claim to make so we have to wait and see if this is actually the case.

Fabian is also hyping up this day one update as completely changing the game. In another tweet, he called it a “different game” with the day one update applied to consoles.

Almost every critic that has reviewed the game so far has only played it on PC. There haven’t been any reviews for the console version, but copies of the game are readily available now for both PS4 and Xbox One. We have also secured a copy for now because we weren’t able to get an early console review code and are currently working on our review which will be published soon.

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