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Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) Gets Full English Translation Patch On 3DS

Ace Attorney fans who wanted to check out a new game created by the series creator should be able to play Dai Gyakuten Saiban also known as The Great Ace Attorney, in full English on their Nintendo 3DS.

Fans have been hard at work to create a translation for Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) for the Nintendo 3DS. This series received two games but didn’t get any official localization because it failed to do well in sale in Japan. The sequel is currently being worked on while the first game has been completely localized now and fully playable in English.

How To Play Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) In English?

There are two ways to play the game now. If you don’t have a modded 3DS, you can try to use the alternative to play it, or perhaps you can emulate it on a PC. Here’s what you can do to play the game legally with a translation patch on the Nintendo 3DS.

The first method is to grab a Japanese import copy for Nintendo 3DS. You can look at Play Asia or try to get it from Amazon Japan. You will need a soft modded Nintendo 3DS to dump it and then copy the game files to PC. After it is done, grab the patch files and the program to patch the game from GitHub. Once you have patched it, you can copy over the game back to the Nintendo 3DS and play it this way.

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The second method involves the Android version of the game. It is more easily accessible and can be patched to get the whole game in English. There is no English patch out yet for the Android version but to keep checking for it, you need to install IrisMobile and it will let you know if there is a new release.

Fans over at ScarletStudy are also hard at work on a full English translation patch for the sequel, Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2, which is in development at a “breakneck pace” so it sounds positive so far.

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