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Report: Multiple Sources Confirm New Hardware Revisions For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch will get two new hardware revision later this year as reported by multiple sources inside the games industry.

Nintendo Switch is doing really well in sales for the company but apparently, they are not going to stop with its current sales momentum and are planning to release two brand new revisions for the console. One of these will be a portable focused console that uses the same hardware as the Nintendo Switch but removes the ability to dock it for playing on the big screen.

The first portable console will cut features to save cost but will offer a sturdier build to make it more kid-proof. It can’t be played on the big screen but there will be more features, possibly the rumble function, that can be removed from it.

The other Nintendo Switch hardware revision is aimed more at the dedicated users who don’t mind spending extra on the hardware to get more power out of it. This will be like more stronger and better hardware that will be able to provide more power to games and thus lead to a better result in running them. It will be a similar bump in hardware power as going from 3DS to the New 3DS model.

The first report on this Nintendo Switch hardware revisions was shared by Wall Street Journal and then later corroborated by Eurogamer. Both heard about this new hardware from their own sources.

Source (Eurogamer)

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