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Here’s How Days Gone Will Look Running At 60 FPS On The PS4

Days Gone is an open world video game that targets a frame rate limit of 30 on the PS4, but what if it was possible to run it at a higher frame rate?

Days Gone looks great and seems to be technically polished, but there is an issue with how the frame rate can sometime drop with the horde on your tail and explosions all around. This has been seen in even the most recent gameplay videos so Sony Bend has to step up their optimization techniques and get this sorted out before launch.

Theoretically, it is not possible right now to run Days Gone at 60 FPS but we can get an idea of how well it might look through motion interpolation. This is exactly what is going on in this video for Days Gone.


The video makes the game look super smooth so hopefully, Sony Bend can find a way to add some 60 FPS mode to the game as well. It might be difficult and they seem to be on a tight deadline here, but maybe this can be decided after the launch of the game.

What Is The Frame Rate and Resolution For Days Gone?

The frame rate has been confirmed to be 30 FPS but it can drop below that target during intensive moments of action. Sony Bend still has to optimize the game so hopefully, these issues can be ironed out in time for the launch. The resolution of the game is not confirmed but it will support 4K rendering on the PS4 Pro, which is not going to be a native resolution but using some upscaling technique to achieve this result.

If Days Gone gives the player a choice of either picking up resolution or frame rate, then it can work out really well. One of the most recent examples is God of War which was able to run at an unlocked frame rate or with a higher resolution on the PS4 Pro.

Ali Haider

Ali Haider loves to dabble in multimedia projects. He has a passion for editing and managing YouTube videos and loves writing in his spare time.

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