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Kingdom Hearts 3 Has No Season Pass But Might Get One Big DLC, Secret Movie Teases Future Direction

Kingdom Hearts 3 is not the end of the series. There are more games planned that will be teased in the secret movie and epilogue.

Tetsuya Nomura gave an interview to Famitsu in which he answers some questions for the game. The interview is available to read online in Japanese but here is a rough translation of what he has said in the interview.

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 Season Pass is not planned, although they haven’t finalized plans for the DLC yet.
  • They will consider distributing some free DLC for the game.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix might happen with one big DLC that acts as an expansion.
  • Their priority is to work on a new project instead of making more DLC.
  • Nomura gave instructions on how to unlock Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 will mark the end of the Dark Seeker saga.
  • They will reconsider the worldwide distribution after four copies of the game were stolen by someone early in December.

If you don’t know, Square Enix is also planning to release the epilogue and secret movie with an update after the game releases tomorrow. The epilogue will be out on January 26th while the Secret Movie is set to drop on January 31st.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be out in Japan on January 25th while the rest of the world release is planned for January 29th. The review embargo is expected to drop today so you can get early impressions from the critics if you want to know the quality of the game.

Source (Famitsu)

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