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This Days Gone Limited Edition SteelBook Looks Amazing, Gives Resident Evil 4 Vibes

Days Gone has a variety of collector’s or limited editions but this steelbook is easily the best one among them. Unfortunately, access to this steelbook will be limited.

Days Gone is from Sony Bend Studio which will be out later on April 26. It is a first-party PS4 exclusive that presents an ever-challenging open world full of mutated creatures, biker gangs, and crazy cults. There is a lot of potential in the open world approach taken in Days Gone where you will fight for your survival as the leader of a biker gang and ride through this creepy post-apocalyptic world.

Recently, Sony started the marketing and promotion for Days Gone also detailing the various editions of the game that you can buy before it launches later on PS4. Among them, one is a steelbook that is sadly only available on Amazon UK.

The cover art is very minimalistic and offers a simple mix of black with red. It is the perfect cover for a steelbook and helps make it stand out from the rest. It was also giving me similar vibes to Resident Evil 4 that had a cover art featuring the chainsaw-wielding Dr. Salvador. It was another cover art exclusive to the EU.

So what is the alternative, you ask? Well, the regular steelbook is quite simple with a black background and the logo of the game. If you like such type of cover, then you can grab it. I personally prefer something a little more artistic so I would have loved to grab this steelbook for the game.

Ali Haider

Ali Haider loves to dabble in multimedia projects. He has a passion for editing and managing YouTube videos and loves writing in his spare time.

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