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Dead Rising 5 Details & Gameplay Footage Leaks Online

New details and never before seen gameplay footage from Capcom’s canceled Dead Rising 5 have leaked online.

In addition to gameplay videos from the year 2017 emerging online, new information regarding Dead Rising 5 appeared via a portfolio showcasing a level design and milestone presentation on the Unreal Engine title . It includes details regarding gameplay features, such as a loot container system and the addition of camps.

Regarding the loot container system, the portfolio states that previous Dead Rising titles had loot strewn all over the ground, making it difficult to tell what was important or useful. It was also extremely taxing on GPU resources to render it all out. The loot container was, therefore, the technical level designer’s proposed solution, allowing the designers to contextualize different drops, clean up the environment, and free up some memory.

As far as camps were concerned, the technical level designer worked on an early prototype of the jungle level, which featured plenty of zombies to kill and several gang bases to raid, leading up to a final boss. They also created the fence spawners, bush spawners, and trunk spawners tech for this level. A boss fight against a drug lord with an electrified metallic fake arm known as the El Guapo was mentioned to be in the early phases back in 2017.

The last title in the series that saw the light of day was Dead Rising 4, a 2016 action-adventure game developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft Studios. It was made available for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on December 6, 2016. The game takes place over the winter holidays in a rebuilt Willamette, Colorado, and features Frank West’s comeback.

The objective in Dead Rising 4 is to explore the environment and engage in combat with legions of the undead. The game doesn’t have story co-op gameplay or a timer system, in contrast to its predecessors. However, it does features an open world setting, much like earlier titles in the series.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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