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Wild Hearts FPS Fix: How To Resolve Stutters On PC

Wild Hearts is now available on PC, and if you’ve been looking for a way to fix performance issues involving severe FPS drops and stutters, read ahead.

Before applying the fix for low FPS and stutters in the PC version of Wild Hearts outlined below, have a look at our recommended settings guide for getting optimized performance on low-to-mid end system specs. Additionally, make sure you’ve updated your GPU drivers and Windows to their latest respective versions. Also, disable or close any unnecessary background applications in order to reduce the CPU overhead as much as possible.

Wild hearts fix fps stutters

How To Fix Low FPS & Stutters In Wild Hearts

Follow the steps outlined below to drastically reduce FPS drops and stutters in Wild Hearts on PC.

  1. Disable fullscreen optimizations and application scaling on the game’s .exe file
  2. Cap the frame rate at 60fps using the limiters available in both the Nvidia/AMD Control Panel and in-game menu (setting the limiter in Nvidia Control Panel below the in-game value results in frame pacing issues)
  3. Enable in-game VSync only
  4. Enable Borderless Fullscreen mode

Applying the above settings should eliminate a majority of the performance hitches seen in the PC version of Wild Hearts. There will still be some minor issues that will likely be taken care of in a future patch. For now, while not ideal, this is the only decent method to play the game on PC.

Wild Hearts is the outcome of a new partnership between EA Originals, Koei Tecmo and studio Omega Force in order to develop the next great hunting game. According to EA, this monster hunter-like game will deliver a AAA experience based in fantasy feudal Japan.

Players assume the role of a nameless hunter, who must set out on quests to hunt down massive monsters known as Kemono in the world of Azuma. In Azuma, players can freely explore a number of sizable areas rather than an open world.

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