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Dead Space Remake Rating Details The “Strong Violence and Gore”

Dead Space Remake has been rated by multiple classification boards around the world, however, this might be the most detailed breakdown of the mature content in the game.

IMDA Online has shared the details of their Dead Space Remake rating. They have given it a classification of M18 for “Strong Violence and Gore.” If you were curious to learn more about it, here’s the breakdown as given by IMDA Online.

They describe the game as having jump scares, graphic scenes of violence including one where a character will use a knife to live open another’s chest, and a lot of decapitations, dismemberments, and so on. You can read all about it below.

Set in the year 2508, “Dead Space (2023)” is a sci-fi horror game which revolves around Isaac Clarke, an engineer who joins a team to locate and board a mining spaceship that has gone radio silent. However, Isaac discovers that the spaceship has become swarmed with deadly creatures and he must kill them to survive. 

The game is rated M18 for strong violence and gore.

Played from a third-player perspective, the player character explores dark and confined locations to search for clues and complete missions to progress through the game. The player character will use an array of armaments such as pulse weapons and flamethrowers to eliminate mutated enemy creatures or risk getting killed, while gaining experience and items that grant ammunition and health.

During exploration, bloodstains and corpses can be encountered along with some jump scenes when enemies suddenly appear. Throughout the game, there are graphic scenes of violence and gore where characters are shot or viciously attacked, resulting in decapitations, dismemberments and copious bloodletting. These include a scene where a character uses a knife to slice open another’s chest before slashing her own neck which leads to the gushing out of blood, and a scene of a character firing a gun at another’s head with the bloody aftermath ensuing in slow-motion. Characters’ corpses can be fired at or stomped upon, revealing skeletal and flesh details. Such depictions of violence are contained under the M18 rating, where the Classification Guidelines allow “depictions of realistic violence, such as killing, maiming or causing other serious injury to humanoid characters.”

Coarse language such as the expletive “f**k” and swear words like “shit”, “hell” and “damn” are uttered by characters and seen in the English subtitles.

Earlier, we had reported about how The Callisto Protocol is going to be far more violent than Dead Space Remake. It appears that this is indeed the case. The rating description doesn’t appear to describe anything that would stand out.  While it has been reported that The Callisto Protocol developers had refused to censor the game in Japan which means it likely won’t be released there.

The game maintains the fundamental premise of the original while adding a new storyline. It casts the player as Isaac Clarke, a crewman on a gigantic mining spacecraft that has gone quiet. This is effectively a minor reboot while attempting to retain the gameplay and story elements from the original game. The story is also expanded on this remake with new cutscenes and dialogue to provide a better overview of the overarching world.

Dead Space is a remake of the same-named 2008 game. It will be available on January 27, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. The game will be the first in the Dead Space series to be released since Dead Space 3 in 2013. The game uses the Frostbite Engine from EA Dice. It has been used for Battlefield games as well as Mass Effect Andromeda.

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