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Death Stranding To Get New Story Content and Possible PS5 Upgrade – Rumor

Death Stranding could get new story content and a possible upgrade for the PS5 according to a new rumor that comes from a reputable source.

Navtra has accurately leaked information related to PlayStation exclusives in the past. This leak was the one who first posted about the Final Fantasy XVI announcement at the PS5 Games Showcase and that turned out to be accurate. Navtra has also shared some leaks on Final Fantasy VII Remake and other Square Enix projects in the past.

The most recent rumor also comes from Navtra who first dropped a small teaser regarding Death Stranding. “If you’re interested in Death Stranding but haven’t played it yet, it might be worth it to wait a lil bit, ” Navtra posted in a thread on the ReseteERA forums.

death stranding ps5 update

When a user asked if this news will come with a PS5 patch announcement, Navtra replied: “Even if there’s an upgrade path I think it will be paid since there’s new story content in this version.”

For long-time fans of Metal Gear Solid and especially Hideo Kojima, this news might not be that much of a surprise. Kojima has previously released an expanded version of his Metal Gear Solid games. He did it with Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, while there was no such expansion released for Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5, but the last one is understandable due to the troubled development that led to Kojima leaving Konami behind to start his own studio.

It is possible that a similar “expanded” version of Death Stranding will arrive on PS4/PS5 and that could also offer a native upgrade to PS5 users. Death Stranding is also a major first-party IP from Sony that launched back in 2019 but hasn’t received any update unlike Days Gone to add support for PS5 enhancements. The game did launch on PC in July 2020, but 505 Games published that version.

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