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Xbox Game Pass Has 18M Subscribers, Total 100M Xbox Live MAUs

Microsoft has shared the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers confirming that the total number has jumped up from 15M to 18M this quarter.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service offering more than 100 games for Xbox consoles, and PC. It is also slowly being expanded to Android and other Smart devices through Cloud streaming.

Microsoft released their financial results for FY21 Q2 and held an investors’ call later that was attended by Satya Nadella. It was revealed that Xbox Game Pass subscribers have jumped to 18 million, which is an increase of 3 million from the last reported numbers.

xbox game pass

In addition to confirming the number of subscribers, Microsoft has also reported that this is the first quarter when the revenue from their gaming division has hit $5 billion. This was driven by strong support from third-party software which contributed $2 billion to this number.

Of course, there are a lot more users on Xbox Live. The monthly active users have been reported at 100 million. This is not just limited to Xbox consoles but applies to all devices with the Xbox eco-system including PC.

Overall, this is a much better number than Sony’s PlayStation Now which was last reported at 2.2 million. While Sony initially started offering Cloud streaming and shifted to game downloads later, Microsoft had their Game Pass subscription from the beginning with support of direct downloads and they later expanded to Cloud streaming to grow support for other devices including Android. Their future plans include bringing the service to other Smart devices including TVs and more.

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