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Will Death Stranding Finally Release In 2019?

Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s first project after leaving Konami, and it seems to be quite an expensive endeavor all funded by Sony. Will it finally get released in 2019?

Death Stranding is currently in development at Kojima Productions, which was founded by Hideo Kojima after he left Konami. The game is fully funded by Sony Interactive Entertainment and while the original announcement of the studio also listed PC as a potential platform, Death Stranding has always been listed as a first party exclusive by Sony.

Death Stranding also uses the propriety Guerrilla Games DECIMA game engine which was used to develop Horizon Zero Dawn. Kojima Productions has a lot riding on this exclusivity deal with Sony, but will the game deliver up to the expectations of fans? It is a little early to reach any verdict on it.

Death Stranding Release Date? Will Death Stranding Launch In 2019?

Death Stranding has no concrete release date and even a release window is not confirmed, but rumors are getting stronger that the game has a shot at launching in 2019. One of the reasons why the rumors are getting crazier as we are heading into next year is because Death Stranding has been listed as 2019 release by multiple retailers, and while it is no solid way to confirm if the game is launching in 2019, it is still one of the reasons to consider it.

Death Stranding Development Status? How Far Along Is The Development?

Kojima Productions is actually quite far into Death Stranding development. The last report around the game’s development status was that it is currently in the polishing phase. The motion capture work for the game has also nearly wrapped up and now the voice overs are being recorded in the studio. Hideo Kojima has also talked about a release date saying that they have one set up for now, but they can’t reveal it until they are sure about it.

Sony has Days Gone confirmed for 2019 but they still need at least one major project for the next year. Death Stranding should fill that gap nicely, so it won’t be surprising to see the game launching in 2019.

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