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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen All Known Issues and Fixes Including “Servers Are Not Available”

Bungie has shared all the known issues for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen that has been reported so far including the “servers are not found” error.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is one of the most comprehensive expansions for the game since its launch. It has turned out to be fairly popular as it is attracting a lot of attention among the fans. Bungie has addressed some of the issues that the players have reported for the game.

On their official website, Bungie has shared the list of known issues for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen so take a look below. If you are facing any of these issues, it is best to wait since they are working on resolving them as soon as possible.

All Known Issues For Destiny 2: The Witch Queen


  • Forsaken Ciphers don’t appear in a player’s loot stream if players already own Forsaken. The Ciphers can be picked up from the Forsaken section of the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive in the Tower. The Ciphers can also be exchanged for Ascendant Shards at the Monument to Lost Lights if players already own all Forsaken weapons. Sets of characters can only acquire 3 Forsaken Ciphers regardless of how many platforms they own the Forsaken Pack on.
  • Enabling Cross Play is required for players looking to enter Trials of Osiris. Players who have Cross Play disabled cannot enter Trials of Osiris.
  • Season Passes  will be applied to the first account that signs in. If you plan to Cross Save but will use another character set, it’s recommended to set up Cross Save before logging in. For more information, click here.
  • Stasis subclasses  are only available with a Destiny 2: Beyond Light game license. Players who do not own Destiny 2: Beyond Light on on the platform they’re playing on, even with Cross Save active, will lose access to the Stasis subclasses.

Seasonal Content

  • The recommended Power level for the PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist does not display on activity launch. The recommended Power for this playlist is 1500.
  • War Table Repeatable Bounties are adding invisible bounties to player’s bounty inventory, resulting in space being permanently unavailable.

Top Issues Being Investigated


  • Synthcord cannot be deposited into the Loom for Armor Synthesis multiple times in a row. Players who wish to deposit multiple times will need to deposit once, return to orbit, load back into the Tower, and deposit again. 
    • Additionally, some players are unable to deposit Synthcord into the Loom at all.
  • Certain player buffs and debuffs may be missing associated icons.
  • The new item sheen on some pieces of gear persists after inspection.
  • We are investigating poor performance in mod and shader UI screens.

Error Codes

  • Players who receive “Destiny 2 servers are not available” errors should ensure that they have the latest update for Destiny 2 installed. Players who continue to encounter issues should clear their cache and view our Network Troubleshooting Guide.

Cross Play

  • When attempting to import friends from other platforms for Bungie Friends, some platforms display an error and can’t import friends.
  • Changing the platform setting “Others can communicate w/ voice, text, or invites” does not take effect until the game has been restarted.


  • We are investigating reports of issues related to low performance on PCs.
  • Players running Destiny with an integrated graphics card may encounter gameplay performance issues if the integrated graphics card does not meet the minimum required PC specs. 
  • We are investigating reports that PC performance optimization apps for graphics cards and fan speed controls are causing crashes on PC. Players encountering this issue should fully close out of these applications prior to launching the game.
  • We are investigating reports of black screens when launching the game using Windows 7 or 8.1.


  • We are investigating an increase in crashes on Xbox Consoles.
  • Players using the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 who receive BOAR errors should ensure that they have successfully downloaded the necessary Compatibility Files prior to entering the game.
  • Players experiencing crashes when using the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 should disable HDR.
  • Opening the character screen on Xbox consoles with a full inventory may result in a large framerate drop.

Items and Weapons

  • The Grave Robber perk on The Enigma glaive is currently disabled and cannot be activated. This perk will be re-enabled in an upcoming Hotfix.
  • The Constellation Tracer ship, Winning Streak sparrow, and the Bright Cycle shell do not properly display lights when certain shaders are applied.
  • Certain Ghost tracking mods do not display destination material or chest locations when in the Throne World.
  • Glaive melee kills do not count toward kill tracker progress and certain melee-triggered perks.
  • The Glaive traits “Immovable Object” and “Tilting at Windmills” have unclear descriptions. The correct descriptions are: 
    • Immovable Object: Dealing ranged damage while stationary with your shield raised grants increased weapon energy.
    • Tilting at Windmills: Blocking damage with your shield increases movement speed while shielding for an improved duration.
  • Glaive melee attacks can clang off of each other, interrupting player’s melee combos.
  • Hunters cannot cancel out of a glaive melee combo by using their class ability.
  • The Overload auto rifle and SMG Artifact mods do not disrupt the health regeneration of Overload Champions after a stun.
  • The Night’s Chill shader is not displaying properly when applied to gear.
  • The Abyss Walker Eververse Hunter bundle preview image displays the incorrect cape. The correct cape can be viewed by inspecting the bundle.
  • The Season 15 Pathfinder and Season 14 Lightkin armor sets are no longer available to equip as ornaments if previously unlocked via Armor Synthesis.


  • The Resist buff from the Renewal Grasps Hunter Exotic arms does not accurately reflect the buff time remaining when entering the player’s Duskfield Grenade area of effect.
  • The Reduced Damage debuff from the Renewal Grasps Hunter Exotic arms only applies on enemies briefly during the initial impact of the Duskfield Grenade.

Quests and Triumphs

  • Enemies with the Volatile debuff may not count for bounty progress when defeated using area of effect damage.
  • Weapons that drop from saved Iron Banner bounties from Season of the Lost, when claimed prior to the first Iron Banner of Season of the Risen, will drop only with the Iron Banner origin trait, and not both the Iron Banner and Suros origin traits.
  • The Witch Queen Campaign mission progress may not properly increase for all fireteam members upon step completion.
  • Players are unable to dismantle Void 3.0 Meditation quests even if all available Aspects have already been obtained.
  • Players who join in progress into the final step of the “Of Queens and Worms” quest will be blocked from acquiring the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher.
  • The “Riding the Storm” subclass quest for Titans and the “Stoking the Flame” subclass quest for Hunters are no longer available for new characters to acquire at Ikora.
  • Titles gilded in previous Seasons are displaying only the gild count and not the full Title.


  • Players can become trapped beneath barricades in the Wellspring activity.
  • Players can see unspecified interact prompts in certain locations of the Wellspring activity.
  • Ascendant Alloys do not properly display their drop chance rarity in certain player elected difficulty activities.
  • Ascendant Alloys do not properly display their drop chance rarity in certain player elected difficulty activities.
  • Replayable Witch Queen campaign mission nodes may not appear for some players.
  • Players may be unable to complete Legendary Dares of Eternity if a Lightning Round is activated.
  • UI elements and round timer are missing from some instances of Dares of Eternity.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is available now for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and Google Stadia.

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