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Spoilers: Devil May Cry 5 Data Mine Reveals A Major New Playable Character

Devil May Cry 5 fans have discovered a major playable character when data mining the game files for the PC version. There are also references found to multiplayer and matchmaking included in the upcoming Bloody Palace gameplay mode.

In the files for the PC version, reference has been discovered for Bloody Palace with the ability to start matchmaking. This new gameplay mode was confirmed to arrive for Devil May Cry 5 in an update post-launch but there was no confirmation of a multiplayer mode included with it.

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Bloody Palace has always been a staple of the series with an arena-based mode where the players can wreak havoc on the enemies. The addition of matchmaking means that players will be now able to team up with others to kill enemies together or create stylish new combos. The main campaign does include co-op but it is limited to just specific missions.

The new playable character is a major spoiler so if you haven’t played the game yet, don’t read any further since it can spoil the story.

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If you have played and finished the game, you should be glad to know that one of the files in the game makes reference to Vergil as a playable character. Right now, it is all speculation on how Capcom is planning to add him to the game but he does play a major role in the story so his addition as a character won’t be a surprise for those who have finished Devil May Cry 5.

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