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Days Gone Will Get Some Unannounced DLC, Confirmed By Sony Bend Studio

Days Gone will get some unannounced DLC according to Sony Bend Studio. The main story content will be more than enough to get the characters’ backstories and motivation but there will be some post-launch DLC as well.

Sony Bend’s community manager, David Lee talked about their DLC plans for Days Gone in an interview with GamerBraves. During this interview, one of the questions was about any potential story DLC for the main cast that explains more about their background.

“I think the main story will give that information to you. We have unannounced DLC but we cannot tell you about it yet. So keep an eye out for that, ” said David Lee.

“With the main story, it should be sufficient enough to tell you the characters’ backstories that make you care for them one way or another, ” he added.

From the way David Lee talked about the DLC, it is hard to determine if he was talking about more story content or just optional DLC that can be released for the game like new missions instead of small expansions. The story length for Days Gone was confirmed to be 30 hours with over six hours reserved for cutscenes, so it is entirely narrative-driven game.

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Days Gone has gone gold as revealed by Sony Bend Studio. The game is now all set to launch on the PS4 on April 26, 2019. It will one of the first-party exclusive games from Sony Worldwide Studios.

Source (YouTube via GamerBraves)

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