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Days Gone Story Length Revealed: How Long To Beat Days Gone?

Days Gone is an upcoming third-person survival horror game from Sony Bend Studio. It will exclusively launch for the PS4. In a new interview, the developers have revealed the length of the game and confirmed how long it will take to beat it.

Days Gone is an open world game and gives the player full freedom to explore their surrounding, but it also carries a story that features more than six hours of cutscenes. The developers have already teased some of it by focusing on the relationship between the lead character Sam and his wife.

How Long Will It Take To Beat Days Gone?

This new information about the Days Gone story length was revealed in a new interview with GameReactor which confirmed that it has 30 hours of main story content and there are six hours of cutscenes factored in it.

This is pretty large for an open world game which relies on the player exploring their surroundings to provide more gameplay and replay value.

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The game is currently in development at Sony Bend Studio and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively for the PS4. There is a special edition of the game available exclusively for Europe and you can also see a fan-made video that teases how it might look when running at 60 FPS.

If you are excited to hear about the Days Gone story length, you can get your hands on it when the game launches on April 26 exclusively for the PS4.

Source (GameReactor)

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