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Xbox Game Pass Is Not Coming To Nintendo Switch In Near Term, Says a New Report

The internet was full of rumors about Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live coming to the Nintendo Switch, but apparently, this is not going to happen now. This information comes from a brand new source which is far more credible than the last one.

Brad Sams has been quite reliable with his leaks coming from Microsoft since he has good sources inside the company. While he has heard about both Microsoft and Nintendo talking about collaboration and forging a new partnership, he reports that Xbox Game Pass won’t be released for the Nintendo Switch, at least in the near term.

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“There has been a lot of talks out there about Game Pass on the Switch. I’m hearing from multiple sources that [it] is not happening. Let me qualify, that is definitely not happening in the near term, ” says Brad Sams in a new video.

“I can’t ever say never, because Microsoft wants Game Pass on TV’s, they want it on PC’s, they want it on Xbox, they want it everywhere with their XCloud stuff, but as of right now I am hearing from multiple people that it isn’t coming to the Switch. Obviously, things could change and all that good stuff, but yeah don’t expect Game Pass on the Switch anytime soon. At least that is what I’m hearing.”

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He doesn’t really shut the door for this rumor but we might not hear about it any time soon, as he states that this might take a while. Microsoft is not open to bringing Xbox Game Pass just to Nintendo Switch but also other platforms like Smart TVs. They are reportedly working on a cloud-based streaming service xCloud that will help them achieve this task.

Source (Brad Sams)

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