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Xbox Game Pass and xCloud Reportedly Heading To The Nintendo Switch

Xbox Game Pass is currently available on Windows 10 and Xbox family of consoles, but that might change soon according to a new report.

Apparently, Microsoft is looking into making Xbox Game Pass subscription service for the Nintendo Switch. While there won’t be native emulated games that run on the hardware, rumors are brewing about Ori and the Blind Forest coming to the Nintendo Switch. As for other games, they can be possibly emulated using Project xCloud, which is the streaming platform currently being beta tested by Microsoft.

Project xCloud will allow game streaming so technically any Xbox One game that is available on the Xbox Game Pass will be available to stream on the Nintendo Switch. It all depends on how Microsoft decides to handle this service provided this rumor does come true.

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So what exactly is the source of this rumor? The first one is Direct Feed Games, who first reported on this rumor about Xbox Game Pass. As absurd as this might sound, GameInformer has backed up this rumor with their own inside sources that seem to line up with the early report of Xbox Game Pass heading to the Nintendo Switch.

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Microsoft has already shared their desire to bring Xbox Live to other gaming platforms so it is possible that this rumor is true to some extent. Now the waiting game begins for Microsoft to announce such a service, provided they have plans for it.

Source (GameInformer)

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