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YouTuber Gets His ‘Sponsored’ Negative Anthem Review Removed, Blacklisted By EA

YouTuber who was paid to post sponsored content gets blacklisted by EA after he posts a negative review of Anthem.

Anthem is not doing that well with critics. It currently has an average score below 65 on reviews aggregators like Metacritic and Opencritic. The game is not even reviewing well with critics that traditionally have given a higher average score with websites like IGN and GameSpot gave it 6.5 and 6 scores respectively.

A lot of the issues that Anthem was facing were claimed to have been solved in the day one update, but apparently, this wasn’t the case and while some of the issues were fixed, others cropped up in their place.

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Gggmanlives, a YouTuber from Australia, posted his Anthem review recently and a couple hours after it was posted, the video was taken down with a message saying it is not available on YouTube. The YouTuber tweeted that it was taken down because EA blacklisted him after posting this negative review. He was apparently a part of the EA Game Changers program and the review was essentially sponsored content.

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Here is what is posted on the Game Changers program website when describing what it offers to the content creators.

Game Changers is EA’s community partnership program that fuses content creators and expert players directly into the game development process enabling early collaborative feedback for improvements. We also empower innovative storytelling by granting creators early access to gameplay capture.

This is followed by a small blip near the end which explains the sponsored content portion of this program.

In addition, we offer multiple opportunities to create sponsored content and collaborate with teams and partners across EA. We also love to spotlight and promote content from Game Changers on our social channels to share those creations with the world.

While the YouTuber is in the process of re-uploading his review, this certainly doesn’t paint a positive picture for EA. If anything, it put a negative light on them after all the controversy Anthem has faced recently due to the early access and staggered launch.

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  1. JesusChrist February 22, 2019

    This is sad

  2. Hvd February 22, 2019

    why to tell everyone how bad anthem is.tho other people would have done that anyway.

    1. Bilal Prince-Ali February 23, 2019


  3. Hates bad writers. February 22, 2019

    Can’t count how many morons on N4G told me I was wrong about this game.

    Here we are. A dumpster fire I called TWO YEARS OUT. Happy days, BioWare can finally die. The talent has already left, it’s just a name.

  4. Simon Wells February 23, 2019

    The problem here is EA think its perfectly fine to pay off websites to give them a great review for the games they produce, but if someone tells the truth they’ll seriously kick off.

    Double standards from EA, who’d have thought such a thing!

  5. KUKWES February 23, 2019

    What do you expect when you are sponsored kind of dumb to make a big deal out of it and all the stuff was f ixed he cried about anyway

  6. GrimmyReaper February 23, 2019

    Props to them for being actually honest despite being paid but that says more about EA’s thoughts on Anthem than anyone else’s. So afraid of a negative reception after so many already from EA and still couldn’t buy their way for good coverage.

    Also, if it does turn out how I think it will, I give Bioware another 3 years max before that studio closes. Not saying it most definitely will but then again, this is EA. Closing studios is the only thing they are good at.


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