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Here’s a Useful Anthem Treasure Chest Farm Route Map

Treasure Chests are not just for loot but can be a requirement for some missions in Anthem. If you are looking for an easy way to farm these treasure chests, here’s a useful map and route to farm them.

Since Anthem is still available in early access, there is a good chance that things might change by the time the full launch game. Anthem still has some problems like long load times and the Anthem day one update will resolve some of the issues, but it can also adjust the game balance and make changes to how Anthem treasure chests will spawn in the world.

Best Anthem Treasure Chest Farm Route On World Map

Here is a useful world map with treasure chests marked on it. You can follow the path outlined in it to get the most treasure chests easily.

Credit for this map goes to reddit. While the location is marked on the world map, you will still have to figure out the location of the treasure chest itself. The map legend tells the location whether it is underwater or above ground, so keep this in mind when searching for them in the world. According to some theories, the treasure chests are not confirmed to respawn every time but there is no harm in checking them.

The world map of Anthem looks huge at first but it really isn’t that large compared to most other games. Despite offering two demos including a VIP private beta, the game is still struggling with problems in its early access phase. We just have to hope that the full public release, which is out on February 22, is free from most of the current issues.

Source (Reddit)

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