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Anthem Is Causing Full System Level Crashes Leading To People Asking For Refund

Anthem has been out for a while now. Bioware has also released multiple updates for the game after testing it out with some pre-release beta tests and demos. Despite this all, Anthem doesn’t appear to offer a completely smooth experience and one crucial bug from the demo has slipped unnoticed by Bioware.

Anthem players have reported the game crashing a lot. This is happening on almost all platforms from the Xbox One to the PS4. This has led to multiple threads being made on Anthem subreddit, and reports of the people suffering at least a crash of the game once or twice are pretty common judging from the replies in these threads. What is different is that Anthem is apparently leading to the full shut down on the PS4 for these users.

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Since this crash seems to be pretty serious and it is apparently affecting a large sample of users, it has led to people asking for refunds. Now let me make something clear here, Sony has only one-time refund option available for any purchase that you make on the PlayStation Store. If you have already used it, then they won’t give you refund no matter what the circumstances are going to be.

Some users on reddit are claiming that they were able to refund the game successfully, but it is not a surefire way to get a refund as there are others who couldn’t get it. This is also happening on the Xbox One and pretty much the same situation applies to that platform.

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Brad Shoemaker from GiantBomb experienced multiple PS4 crashes when playing through Anthem as he explains in a video. So this problem doesn’t seem to be isolated to small sample size, and it has started to increase in frequency after the most recent patch. If Bioware is listening to the fans, they really need to patch out this annoying issue because it is only increasing the negative word around the launch of the game.

Anthem was released on February 22 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game hasn’t managed to do great in its initial sales. Fans were also disappointed to see that the game was downgraded from earlier gameplay reveal, and it hasn’t done that well with the critics so far.

Source (Reddit via ResetERA)

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