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Diablo 4 Expansion Has Possibly Been Leaked

The first expansion to Blizzard Entertainment’s action role-playing game, Diablo 4, has possibly been leaked, based on the latest rumor.

According to YouTuber YbuBaKa, information regarding the upcoming expansion to Diablo 4 has been leaked ahead of the planned reveal at the upcoming Blizzcon event. He mentioned that the keys to one of Blizzard’s CDNs had been compromised and had been accessed by unauthorized individuals nearly a year ago. Blizzard employees had apparently overlooked this and proceeded to post the technical alpha build of the expansion, allegedly titled Lord of Hatred, on this network. This led to the game files being available on the public domain.

Diablo 4 expansion

The aforementioned game files have since been downloaded by pirates, though it is said that they have not been able to hack them thus far. The YouTuber goes into further detail regarding the expansion, mentioning that it will be dedicated to the demon Mephisto, the older brother of Diablo and Bhaal. According to him, it is set in the Kurast region from Diablo II.

Additionally, another leak shares possible details regarding the second Diablo 4 expansion, titled Nahantu. According to the leaked information, Nahantu is home to the Field of Giants, a place of lingering hatred, and the dark depths of the Kurast Sewers. Each location presents unique challenges and opportunities for the Spiritborn, whose connection with nature will be tested like never before. The zone comes with new quests that will take players through Nahantu’s many dungeons, including the eerie Forge of Malice, Sleepless Hollow, the Forgotten Remains, and Ruined Wild.

The campaign will lead players through the Durance of Hate, to the Gates of the Necropolis, into the ethereal Spirit Realm, and finally to the Five Hills – the tomb of Akarat. Additionally, a new character class called SpiritBorn will be available with the expansion. The class uses glaives, and their unique abilities and playstyle are said to offer fresh strategies for tackling Nahantu’s challenges.

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