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Diablo Immortal: How To Repair Client And Fix Connection Errors on Android

Players of Diablo Immortal on Android devices have been experiencing connection errors that can be off-putting, preventing you from enjoying the latest free-to-play entry in the Diablo series, and thus requiring a full repair of the game client.

If you’re trying to launch the game and continue to get network errors, with the error notification stating “Please check your Internet connection” or “Connection lost in Diablo Immortal”, keep reading to find out how you can fix it.

How To Fix Connectivity Errors

Before trying to repair the Diablo Immortal client, there are a number of other steps you can take to fix connection errors.

  • Update the Diablo Immortal app to the latest version if you haven’t already done so
  • Make sure device meets the minimum requirements to run Diablo Immortal
  • Check the server status by heading over to the official Diablo Immortal’s official Twitter page
  • Switch to a Wifi connection to rule out internet issues
  • Power off your Android device for a few seconds and then boot it up once again
  • Check if your Android device is updated to the latest version
  • Clear the Diablo Immortal app cache/data

How to Repair Diablo Immortal Client

If connection issues persist despite trying the previous fixes, you’ll need to repair the Diablo Immortal client. In order to do this, launch the game and press the repair icon in the center on the right during the loading screen or within the first menu, as seen outlined in red in the above screenshot.

Once the repair icon is pressed, a message will pop up asking whether you wish to repair client. It’ll also inform you that the repair process will start automatically the next time you launch the game. Once you press the “OK” button, close the app and relaunch it to begin the repair process. This should hopefully fix the connectivity error that is preventing you from getting into the game.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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