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Dragon Age 4 May Be Getting Revealed Very Soon

Dragon Age 4 may be getting revealed soon, according to a new rumor. The rumor comes from Tom Henderson, and while he didn’t spell it out in words, he offered enough hints to convey that he’s referring to the next Dragon Age game.

According to Henderson, Dragon Age 4 is set to be revealed at 19:00 CET today on June 2. He said he hates teasing, but has to do so sometimes. He cautioned not to expect a “huge” reveal, but he’s confident that the announcement is set to happen today.

Mike Laidlaw served as the creative director for the fourth main installment in the Dragon Age series, code-named “Joplin,” which began production in 2015. It was envisioned as a smaller, more narrative-driven game set in the Tevinter Imperium section of the fictional realm of Thedas.

Due to issues with the production of Bioware’s other games, namely Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, “Joplin” crew was reassigned to these titles, causing frequent disruptions. BioWare and its parent company, Electronic Arts, cancelled “Joplin” entirely in October 2018, apparently due to a lack of space for a “live service” component that would give continuous revenue options. As a result, several long-serving Dragon Age employees, including Laidlaw, left the business. From 2017 through 2021, Matthew Goldman took over as creative director for the project, replacing Mark Darrah as executive producer.

Under the codename “Morrison,” development on Dragon Age 4 was continued, this time with a live-service component and based on Anthem’s code. It was first announced at The Game Awards in December 2018, and since then, promotional material from BioWare has revealed the presence of red lyrium, a mineral substance that powers the practice of magic at the cost of a corrupting influence, as well as an important character called Solas (now known as the Dread Wolf) as key plot elements. Two years later, during the 2020 Game Awards, a new teaser trailer was unveiled. Varric Tethras, a dwarven character, served as the narrator, and Solas made a brief cameo.

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