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Disgaea 6 Complete Review – Evolving Strategy RPG with a Dash of Comedy

Disgaea 6 Complete offers a fresh take on a franchise that seemed to have grown stagnant after nearly five games. The game introduces new quality-of-life and accessibility features to attract new fans while pleasing existing ones, but this approach is a double-edged sword. These features simplify the game’s historically challenging nature, ultimately making it feel outdated rather than improved. So, does the Complete Edition manage to address some of these issues?

As a player who has experienced almost every Disgaea game released, I can say that the series used to be infamous for its extreme difficulty and grind. However, Disgaea 6 has taken several steps back in terms of challenge to become more accessible, sacrificing some of the franchise’s original charm. The game also abandons the beautiful 2D sprites, which, admittedly, had started to feel repetitive due to the lack of change between installments. The story is rather cliché, but Disgaea has never been known for its storytelling prowess.

Disgaea 6 introduces a new protagonist, Zed, whose primary goal is to destroy the God of Destruction. The narrative feels familiar, echoing the journey of Disgaea 1’s Laharl. Zed, a zombie imbued with the power of “Super Reincarnation,” possesses an immortal life, enabling him to continuously challenge the God of Destruction without fear of failure. While the story is secondary, character development has always been a strong point in the series.

The game’s narrative unfolds primarily through visual novel-style cutscenes, which thankfully preserve the series’ classic artwork. Major 3D cutscenes are limited to battles and regular skills, which can become repetitive after executing the same skill multiple times. The animation skip and fast-forward features help alleviate this monotony, enabling players to enjoy these scenes without growing weary of them.

The original Disgaea games are cherished for a reason. They featured memorable characters like Laharl, Etna, and the comedic sidekick Prinny. In Disgaea 6, Zed is accompanied by Cerberus, who offers guidance and humor. Though there are interesting characters like Bieko, the game never reaches the heights of its predecessors.

On the positive side, the transition to 3D has made combat smoother. While some may miss the unique 2D sprites, the new style doesn’t bother me. The PS5 version runs significantly better than the Nintendo Switch version, with improved performance and faster, skip-able animations. An auto-battle feature is also available for generic battles, although players must still strategize for more challenging encounters.

Disgaea 6 is a strategy RPG with grid-based combat. Proper placement on the map is vital for success, enabling powerful combos and attacks. The game offers an excellent tutorial for newcomers, while veterans will find the combat easy to grasp. A new Demonic Intelligence system enhances AI behavior.

The PS5 version boasts several improvements, including better resolution and performance. The Complete Edition also includes all DLC content released after the initial launch, which can be accessed easily in-game. However, some of this content feels like cheating, such as boosts that increase experience points for a set number of battles.

Despite its generic story, Disgaea 6 is well-written, with engaging new characters and comedic sidekicks like Cerberus. The game maintains the series’ trademark humor, but the simplified gameplay mechanics prevent it from reaching its full potential. One notable drawback is the inflated damage numbers, which can make the game seem unnecessarily complex. Additionally, the learning curve for various systems is steep, requiring considerable time investment in grinding characters. While the new accessibility options offer shortcuts, using them can feel like cheating.

In conclusion, Disgaea 6 Complete is a decent entry in the franchise that could prove divisive. By aiming to attract new fans through accessibility, the game has dumbed down its mechanics, which may alienate long-time fans. The story isn’t particularly compelling, and while the writing maintains the series’ humorous tone, it can sometimes overstay its welcome. The game’s price tag might be a concern for some, but the wealth of content helps to justify it. Overall, Disgaea 6 Complete is a mixed bag that attempts to balance the needs of both new and veteran fans. Although it doesn’t quite reach the heights of previous installments, there’s still plenty of content and humor to enjoy for fans of the series. Just be prepared for a different experience, with simplified mechanics and a steep learning curve that may challenge your dedication to the franchise.

Disgaea 6 Complete Game Information

  • Price: $69.99
  • Publisher: NIS America
  • Developer: NIS America
  • Platform: PS5 (Reviewed)
  • Disclaimer: A review code was given by the publisher


Disgaea 6 Complete introduces accessibility features and 3D graphics, providing smoother combat and humor-packed content. However, the game sacrifices some charm and complexity, presenting a cliché story and simplified mechanics that may alienate long-time fans. This mixed bag offers an enjoyable, yet different experience for both new and veteran players.

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