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Armored Core VI Main Key Art Leaked, Shows Inspiration From Dark Souls

The main key art for the upcoming Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon has been leaked online, and it shows signs of inspiration from another From Software series, namely Dark Souls.

The key art in question has been revealed via the Xbox pre-install loading screen for Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, and it paints a rather bleak and melancholic picture of the game’s world, similar in vibe to the Dark Souls series. From Software’s latest entry in the Armored Core series is set on the remote planet known as Rubicon 3. The planet has been contaminated and sealed off by a major catastrophe, as evident from the artwork seen below.

Armored core vi dark souls

The aforementioned catastrophe was brought about by a mysterious substance that was, at one point, expected to dramatically advance humanity’s technological and communications capabilities. Instead, the substance caused a catastrophe that engulfed the planet and the surrounding stars in flames and storms, forming a Burning Star System.

Half a century later, the same substance resurfaced on Rubicon 3. Extra-terrestrial corporations and resistance groups now fight over control of the substance. In the story, the player infiltrates Rubicon as an independent mercenary and finds themself in a struggle over the substance with the corporations and other factions.

Previously, it was revealed that Armored Core VI’s story has no association with that of Armored Core V. As such, newcomers should have no trouble getting into the experience. The subtitle “Fires of Rubicon” is representative of the state of the game’s world. During a special Taipei Games Show presentation for Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, producer Yasutaka Ogura stated that, while the game is primarily a single-player action game, it will also feature an online arena mode. The game will continue the trend of having the kind of boss battles that developer From Software is known for. The battles, in general, will be dynamic and aggressive, according to Ogura.

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