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Downloadable PS3 Demos May Be Appearing On PS5

Downloadable PS3 demos may be making a surprise appearance on the PlayStation Store on PS5, based on the latest rumor.

The PS5 may be getting downloadable demos for PS3 games in the near future if the PlayStation Store page for a certain PS3 title is any indication. The game in question is Black Knight Sword, a PS3 title currently available to stream on PS4 and PS5 as part of the PS Plus Premium offerings.

Downloadable ps3 demos ps5

However, as seen in the screenshot above, the option to download a demo has recently popped up for the game. Although it is not yet downloadable, and attempting to do so results in a store error, the very existence of such an option implies that Sony may be prepping downloadable demos for PS3 titles in the future.

This raises the question of how they would run natively on PS5 hardware. It’s likely that Sony has been working on an emulator for PS3 classics, which would allow them to run natively on the PS5. On the flip side, this may simply have been a bug or error on the PlayStation Store, and there may not be any downloadable PS3 content planned. Naturally, downloadable PS3 Classics would make the Premium tier of PS Plus a lot more viable in regions where internet speeds aren’t the greatest.

Recently, PS Plus Premium added two brand new titles to its selection of game trials. The aforementioned trials are for F1 Manager 2022 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns Enhanced Edition.

Regardless of what one may say about the selection of games available to try, it’s good to see that the PlayStation Store is offering a nice incentive to PS Plus Premium subscribers. The highest tier PS Plus subscription service has otherwise been somewhat neglected in terms of premium content not found in the lower tiers. However, it appears that Sony is gradually making amends on that front.

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