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Playground Games’ Fable Is Now In A Playable State

The Playground Games developed Xbox exclusive action role-playing game, Fable, is currently in a playable state.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Playground Games producer, Vijay Gill, the studio’s forthcoming reboot of Fable is now in a playable state. In his profile, Gill states that he is preparing and facilitating regular game playthroughs of the game, alongside build reviews with key stakeholders.

Fable playground games playable

Gill is leading production for Fable’s cross-discipline workstream consisting of gameplay design, technical design, gameplay animation, engineering, VFX, SFX, UI, and more. He is the production owner for design teams, defining their key workflows, tracking dependencies, and constructing delivery roadmaps while collaborating closely with design and game directors.

Previously, it was revealed that Fable is still using the studio’s proprietary engine, and any rumors regarding a change of engine aren’t grounded in reality. A rumor regarding a change of engine for Playground Games’ Fable had made the rounds on the internet some time ago. Based on the rumor, Fable had been rebooted internally, as the most recent build of the game had been deemed “unplayable” by most of the development team. As a result, the studio had allegedly ended up rebooting the development using Unreal Engine. However, this rumor isn’t based on reality, and there’s evidence to support this.

However, a job listing for a level designer posted by Playground Games later revealed that the studio is still using its proprietary Forza Tech engine. Based on the listing, the new recruit would create world locations that closely support the project vision using the studio’s proprietary engine. Meanwhile, over on LinkedIn, a quick search for people at Turn 10 Studios in against the keyword “fable” revealed that there are several Turn 10 employees who have been working on Forza Tech for Fable, and they share engine equipment with Playground Games.

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