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Fable Still Using Propriety Engine, Rumors of Engine Switch Are Not True

Playground Games’ Fable is still using the studio’s proprietary engine, and the rumors regarding a change of engine aren’t based on reality.

Earlier today, a rumor regarding a change of engine for Playground Games’ Fable had been making the rounds on the internet. Based on the rumor, Fable had been rebooted internally, as the most recent build of the game had been deemed “unplayable” by most of the development team. As a result, according to the rumor, the studio ended up rebooting the development using Unreal Engine. However, this rumor isn’t based on reality, and there’s evidence to support this.

Fable engine

A job listing for a level designer posted by Playground Games reveals that the studio is still using its proprietary Forza Tech engine. Based on the listing, the new recruit will create world locations that closely support the project vision using the studio’s proprietary engine.

Meanwhile, over on LinkedIn, a quick search people at Turn 10 Studios in relation to the keyword “fable” reveals that there are several Turn 10 employees who are working on Forza Tech for Fable, and they share engine equipment with Playground Games.

Fable engine

Additionally, another job listing posted on LinkedIn 3 months ago further negates the theory that Playground Games has switched over from Forza Tech to Unreal Engine. The listing states that the development team is looking for an engineer to join it in the games security space to help ship and secure its ForzaTech titles, namely Forza and Fable.

Given the above evidence, it’s safe to say that Playground Games has not rebooted the development of Fable, as the studio has recently been hiring employees to work on its proprietary Forza Tech engine. In addition, several Turn 10 Studios employees have also been working closely with Playground Games for the development of Fable.

Previously, Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty addressed concerns regarding the ability of Playground Games, a studio mainly experienced with the development of racing games, to develop an RPG. He stated that the development team is working on the new Fable game with the same craft and dedication that it brought to the Forza Horizon series.

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