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Dead Space Remake Took Less Than 2.5 Years To Develop

The development of EA Motive’s Dead Space remake took less than two and a half years, based on the latest information.

During an AMA session on Reddit, Dead Space remake developer EA Motive revealed that the game’s development time was less than 2 years. The studio began development in September, 2020, and a majority of the development team came from the ramps off Star Wars Squadrons, which had released around that period.

Dead space remake

In response to a question regarding development time beginning from pre-production to release, senior producer at EA Motive, Philippe, stated that the studio started development in September, 2022. Another question asked whether there were any changes the studio wanted to incorporate in the remake, but decided against, either from lack of resources or other reasons. In his response, creative director Roman stated that, at the beginning, the development team wanted to give players the ability to make a quick 180 degree turn. However, they ultimately decided against it, as it was breaking the combat loop.

He explained that the core combat loop in Dead Space is about a scary and almost unstoppable threat coming at the player. According to him, if players were able to quickly turn around and flee, it would change a lot the experience. Therefore, the studio decided against incorporating the feature.

Previously, EA Motive revealed that it has further plans for the expansion of the series. Speaking during an interview, EA Motive‘s senior producer Phil Ducharme and creative director Roman Campos-Oriola stated that the development team hopes to take the series further. There’s interest on his side as well as on Roman’s side in exploring the Dead Space series more. The studio has ideas for where the series could go next.

However, for now, EA Motive is busy making sure that the launch of the Dead Space remake goes well and that there are as few technical issues as possible. The studio is then going to be heading out on vacation. Once that’s done, the development team will sit down and discuss what comes next for the series.

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