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Dragon Age Devs Share New Concept Art From The Game

Bioware is working on a brand new Dragon Age. It has received some new concept art from the team which was shared on Twitter.

Dragon Age’s creative director Mathew Goldman started the tease with concept artwork from the game. He is also the first one to tease the brand new game in development with concept art that was shared early this year.

Recently, Mathew shared another piece of artwork revealing the different villains that have been featured in the series so far. It was a cool nod for the fans who have played the games while it doesn’t necessarily tease anything for the new game.

He followed it up with a tweet asking his colleague Christian Dailey to share a piece of artwork from the new Dragon Age. This artwork gives fans their first look at the Mage in the upcoming game.

Despite being spending quite a while in development, there hasn’t been a mainline game released for the Dragon Age series in a while. This is because of an internal decision that scrapped an earlier version of the game and started new. The original codename for the project was “Joplin” and it was supposed to be a smaller and more narrative-focused game that was set in the Tevinter Imperium region. After the failure of Mass Effect Andromeda, it was reportedly canceled because of a lack of live-service elements.

Bioware started working on a brand new Dragon Age in 2018 and it was revealed with a small teaser at The Game Awards 2018. It was originally supposed to focus on live-service elements but in a new report by Bloomberg, these elements have been removed now after the massive success of single-player games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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