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Dragon Ball FighterZ Update 1.26 Is Out, Here Are The Patch Notes

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been updated to version 1.26 today bringing in Super Baby 2 DLC. The full patch notes reveal balance changes as well.

Super Baby 2 is a new DLC fighter that has been released as part of the new update for Dragon Ball FighterZ. It is the fourth DLC fighter for the third season of FighterZ.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Update 1.26 Patch Notes

  • Added data for DRAGON BALL FighterZ – FighterZ Pack 18 downloadable content
    Note: Must be purchased and downloaded separately.
  • Fixed issues with fighting mechanics
  • Updated replay data version
    (Replay data from older versions cannot be played.)
  • Fixed bugs and made improvements to overall stability.

Here are the balance changes that were summarized by EventHubs.

Base Form Vegeta

• Energy Cutter – Energy Cutter no longer hits the same opponent multiple times under certain conditions.


• Super Attack – Fixed an issue in which it was difficult to perform a Super Attack after standing light attack: follow-up 2.


• Quality of Life – Fixed an issue in which it was difficult to land a standing unique attack against some characters while they are in the air.

Master Roshi

• Lullaby Fist – Fixed an issue in which the opponent would lock up when Master Roshi cancels their attack with Lullaby Fist.
• Evil Containment Wave – Fixed an issue in which the K.O. animation for Evil Containment Wave would not play out correctly under certain conditions.
• Turtle Hermit Extraordinaire – Made it easier to perform an Ultimate Z Change from Turtle Hermit Extraordinaire.
• Martial Spirit – Reduced invincibility time for Martial Spirit and Z Assist (B Type).
• Z Assist (B Type) – Lengthened the start up of the second hit of the Z Assist (B Type) when the attack does not hit the opponent’s main character.
• Z Assist (B Type) – Start up for Z Assist (B Type) no longer speeds up Master Roshi is hit by the opponent’s attack before start up.


• Direct Hit – Fixed an issue in which Direct Hit would not land against some characters are in a wall bounce.

Ultra Instinct Goku

• Unpolished Instinct – Fixed an issue in which some characters would freeze under certain conditions during an Ultimate Z Change involving Unpolished Instinct.

Captain Ginyu

• Z Assist (B Type) – Fixed an issue in which the Ki gauge would increase from Z Assist (B Type).

Android 21

• Hors D’oeuvre Stab – Fixed an issue in which heavy Hors D’oeuvre Stab could not be performed with half a Ki gauge bar when it links from some absorbed special moves.


• Saiyan Spirit – Fixed an issue in which the time at which an Ultimate Z Change is no longer possible during the mid-air version of Saiyan Spirit differed from the grounded version.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku

• Super God Shock Flash – Fixed an issue in which the Ki gauge would increase from Super God Shock Flash (heavy).

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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