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Dragon Quest XII Development Accelerates, Minor Update On Logo Revealed

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest XII has officially had its logo updated and copyright renewed for 2023, and the game’s development is being accelerated.

The updated logo for Dragon Quest XII was shared by the publisher on its career recruitment website. The hired staff will work at Creative Business Unit II division on a variety of games that the unit is currently developing, including Dragon Quest 12. The increased workforce will allow the studio to accelerate the development of its projects and increase its output.

Dragon quest xii logo

The aforementioned logo update can be seen above. In his accompanied message to candidates, the General Manager at Creative Business Unit II, Yu Miyake, stated that the interactive entertainment content market is entering a period of major change due to the advancement of new technologies, diversification of play environments, major changes in business models, and global market expansion.

As such, by recruiting new staff, the division is looking to create new games and accelerate its existing output, which includes Dragon Quest XII. Miyake said that the studio’s job is to continue to create exciting and interesting entertainment content and deliver it to customers across the world. The development team is looking to expand globally to other regions, including North America, Europe, Asia, and China.

Previously, it was announced by Square Enix that Dragon Quest XII runs on Unreal Engine 5, and that development of the game’s story is complete. However, at the time, he added that it has yet to be implemented. In a prior recruitment post, the series creator and producer, Yuji Hori, discussed the challenges that the studio had to face during the development of the next Dragon Quest game. He also confirmed that the game’s story is done and that the development team has created a prototype that he believes is “going to be a lot of fun”.

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