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Dreams Creator Regrets Lack Of PC Version, Next Project Is “More Of A Game Than A Creation Tool”

Former Media Molecule director has revealed that the studio’s next project is “more of a game than a creation tool”. He also shared his regrets with regards to Dreams, including not being able to follow up on the development of a PC version.

Speaking during an interview on the MinnMax YouTube channel, Dreams Director Mark Healey was asked whether, given the opportunity, he would go back and focus on the PC version and make that the primary platform. In response, he said that the game was definitely more suited to PC, and that it’s a real shame that Media Molecule didn’t get the opportunity to follow through on it.

Dreams pc

While Healey undoubtedly regrets there not being a PC version of Dreams, it’s not his biggest regret in relation to the game. He shared that what he regrets the most about it is not being able to integrate multiplayer online from the very beginning. He believes that having the feature available to players would have made a big difference. According to him, online integration was always planned to be added to the game, and the studio was in the process of working on it, but it just wasn’t to be.

Healey gave the example of Roblox and Fortnite, and how integral their online components are. In his view, this is essentially was Dreams was really missing. He said that it was one of those situations where Media Molecule was working towards implementing online multiplayer, but just didn’t have enough of a runway in front of it. He mentioned that the development team had the “basics” of the feature working, but couldn’t end up tying all the loose ends and actually making it into something that’s releasable.

Later during the interview, Healey mentioned that Media Molecule is currently working on a title based on a new IP. He further stated that, from what he understands, it is “more of a game than a creation tool”. He didn’t go into further detail regarding the game, though he did say that Sony Interactive Entertainment still has a lot of faith in the studio.

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