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New Elden Ring DLC Details, Bosses & NPCs Discovered In Update File

A new Elden Ring datamine has revealed fresh details regarding the game’s DLC, including information regarding bosses, NPCs, and more.

Dataminer Sekiro Dubi has discovered brand new information regarding Elden Ring DLC in the game’s update file, with details on bosses, NPCs, new character customization, and new weapons. In addition, they have found map files related to a new legacy dungeon and a new Colosseum, suggesting that a gauntlet-like region will be added to the game via DLC. In addition, the update files reveal map changes made at most divine towers.

Elden ring dlc bosses

Regarding bosses, the datamine revealed that, in the section of the files where boss flags are declared, developer From Software has left out room for 30 flags for DLC purposes. However, this does not necessarily mean that 30 new bosses will be added to Elden Ring via its DLC.

The studio has simply allocated slots for potentially 30 new bosses, and the expansion may end up containing less number of bosses. The base game contains a total of 68 bosses, excluding those that are repeated, so the expansion is likely to have around 10 to 15 bosses. 16 NPC entries have also been found in the files called “Someone Yet Unseen”, implying that they are characters that are yet to be added to the game.

Previously, the same dataminer also discovered that the recent update version 1.07 for Elden Ring has added 4 new parameters for 4 new text banners that are believed to be related to a future update or DLC that unlocks arenas in the base game. The strings of text and code suggested that arenas and two new legacy dungeons are planned to be added as part of future updates or DLCs. The base game contains 3 large coliseums that are currently inaccessible to players. These regions are likely planned to to function as arenas and places to interact with covenants and NPCs.

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