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Elex 3 May Have Been Canceled, Developer Piranha Bytes Possibly Closed Down

Piranha Bytes’ upcoming science fantasy-themed action role-playing game, Elex 3, may have been canceled, and the studio possibly closed down.

The project codenamed “WIKI6”, presumably Elex 3, was recently removed from the German government funding/support website, suggesting that the game may have been canceled. It was set to receive a total funding close to 3 Million Euros. Access to developer Piranha Bytes‘ official website has also been restricted, and only the company logo can be seen.

Elex 3 canceled

Additionally the Elex 3 developer has not posted a new video on its official YouTube channel since November, 2023. The channel was previously fairly active, with frequent updates from the development team.

Parent company Embracer Group has been shutting down development studios, including Saints Row developer Volition. While we certainly hope Piranha Bytes doesn’t meet a similar fate, the sudden silence from the development team and the German government funding website pulling financial support for a project that was assumed to be Elex 3 doesn’t paint a positive picture.

The studio’s official Twitter/X account is still active, but only with promotional posts in relation to Elex 2, which may be automated. Tweets with questions regarding the restricted status of the studio’s official site continue to be ignored. Fans on the World of Players forums are expressing concern over the existing status of Piranha Bytes, with speculation that Embracer Group may have quietly pulled the plug on the studio.

Piranha Bytes GmbH, a German video game developer located in Essen, was founded in 1997. The studio is known for creating the Gothic and Risen series of role-playing games. Currently, it operates as a subsidiary of Embracer Group (formerly THQ Nordic) and, as of August 2021, has a workforce of 33 people. On May 22, 2019, THQ Nordic announced the acquisition of Piranha Bytes under undisclosed terms, when the studio had 31 employees in its Essen offices. Following the acquisition, the company underwent a reformation and became Piranha Bytes GmbH.

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