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Epic Games Apologize For Death Stranding Director’s Cut Store Error, Looking Into A Solution

Epic Games has apologized for the store error caused in the free distribution of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and is looking into a solution.

On the day of Christmas i.e. December 25, 2022, the Epic Games Store offered all members a special gift in the form of a free copy of Death Stranding. Due to a store error, however, those who initially redeemed the game on their Epic Games Store account ended up receiving a copy of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which offers more content and improvements compared to the original.

As expected, Epic Games confirmed that the store had inadvertently offered the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding instead of the standard version. The latter was originally planned for free distribution on the store on the day of Christmas. Epic Games has issued a formal apology over the social platform Weibo, which can be seen below.

Epic games store death stranding director's cut error

In its apology, Epic Games states that its employees had accidentally swapped the standard version of Death Stranding for the Director’s Cut. The company apologized to those who were unable to obtain the Director’s Cut and were, therefore, truly sorry. Epic Games’ agreement with the publisher was that only the standard version would be released for free, and its team made an error in distribution. However, the company is currently in discussions with the publisher i.e. 505 Games, regarding this issue.

Previously, it was revealed that the sequel to Death Stranding, Death Stranding 2, may launch in the year 2024. According to the ArtStation profile of senior character artist, Frank Aliberti, Death Stranding 2 is set to launch in the year 2024. Based on his resume, the developer has worked as a character artist on the project.

Death Stranding 2 was officially revealed at The Game Awards 2022. It was also revealed that the characters featured in the game are powered by Unreal Engine 5’s MetaHuman technology.

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