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Elden Ring Beats God Of War Ragnarok To Claim The Most Game of the Year Awards In 2022

It’s awards season once again, and Elden Ring has left God of War Ragnarok behind to claim the highest number of Game of the Year awards in the year 2022.

Based on a tally tracked by Reset Era member BrickArts295, Elden Ring has beaten God of War Ragnarok in the Game of the Year 2022 standings thus far. Several awards have yet to be added, though given the large gulf in the number of awards given to both games, it’ll highly unlikely that God of War Ragnarok will even the odds, let alone pull ahead.

Elden ring game of the year awards

Going by the current tally, Elden Ring is the clear victor, with a total of 119 Game of the Year awards, out of which 110 are from media outlets and 9 are based on reader votes. God of War Ragnarok comes in at a distant 2nd place, with a total of 23 Game of the Year awards, out of which 21 are from media outlets and 2 are based on reader votes.

Elden Ring’s momentum hasn’t come close to slowing down, as the game is reportedly set to receive a whole slew of DLC content, of which the Colosseum is merely the first. Well-known enthusiast of From Software titles Lance McDonald took to Twitter to share that the Colosseum DLC update that Elden Ring recently received is the first of a series of planned content for the title. He added that the Colosseum DLC is called “DLC1” internally, and it was planned to be the first DLC since before the game’s release.

McDonald also mentioned that he’ll be able to talk more about what happened with this DLC behind the scenes, referring to his earlier comment about it being, in his opinion, the worst DLC that From Software has ever released. He added that, for now, Elden Ring is in active development, and fans should remain confident in From Software’s ability to deliver.

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