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Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2023 May 26 Mystery Game Reportedly Leaked

The Epic Games Store is offering free games as part of their Mega Sale promotion, and they will release a mystery game every week. However, it seems the next mystery game might have been leaked prematurely.

As we reported earlier, Epic Games originally planned to offer two free games during the Mega Sale 2023 promotion. They later changed their plans, dropping the two-game promotion and limiting it to just one game per week. This change might have inadvertently led to the discovery of the next mystery game set to be given away for free.

According to a Twitter user, the Epic Games Store China page listed two games as part of a free promotion this week, in addition to Death Stranding. One of these was Super Meat Boy Forever, which was supposed to be a free mystery game alongside Death Stranding on Epic Games Store.

While Super Meat Boy Forever has not been confirmed as one of the free games in the coming weeks, it could be a part of the next giveaway. Since Epic Games had plans to give this game away for free, they may either offer it at a later date or include it in next week’s offering.

The Epic Games Store has offered a free game almost every week, making it a massive promotion for them. They often offer blockbuster games during their sale promotions, as demonstrated at the end of last year. They were giving away some big-name games, including Death Stranding, during the Holiday sale promotion, and they are offering it again as part of the Mega Sale this month.

It remains to be seen what Epic Games Store will offer as part of their free mystery game in the coming days, but you can rest assured that Super Meat Boy Forever is likely to be one of these games.

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